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LipoBLAST MiniLipo Lasers


LipoBLAST is the procedure name given to the medical esthetics laser (LipoBlast Sculpt & LipoBlast Trusculpt) that melt permanently up to 24% fat in a non surgical treatment. SculpSure or TruSculpt, the lasers we use are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, the goverment agency that certifies a medical device or treatment is safe and does what it claims to do. This treatment has been safely used for years in the esthetics market. LipoBlast Sculpt has four (4) applicators, the (4) applicators count as 1 treatment/session and works on the side abdomen (Flanks), back area around the bra strap, on the upper arms or thighs under the glutes. The LipoBlast Trusculpt works through a hand held applicator that is strategically placed in different areas at 15minute intervals to melt away the fat, tighten skin and reduce cellulite. The Trusculpt model works for bigger areas of the back, Abdomen and thighs. These lasers produce strong thermal heat waves that effectively melt internal fat in the area where the applicators are placed. You will continue to melt fat for anywhere from eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks after the treatment. During these weeks the body continues to expel the melted excess fat through the lymphatic system. Constant water (H20) consumption will help your lymphatic system get rid of the melted fat at a faster pace. The Sculpsure and Trusculpt laser lipo medical device‘s manufacturers recommend up to three (3) treatments for individuals with high fat concentrations to see the greatest results. However, depending on your body type and the area you want treated, some people see visible changes right away or respond with just one (1) treatment. You will be evaluated the day of your first treatment and advised on options that work best for you.



LipoBLAST MiniLipo Lasers are non invasive, non surgical treatments which do not require anesthesia and do not involve incisions or injections. Due to the safe nature of these treatments, medical clearance or an in office consult is not necessary before the treatment. Patients are simply preScreened over the phone during scheduling. To be elegible you must be under a 35 on the Body Mass Index (BMI), not suffer from unmangaed high blood pressure (HBP) and not have any metal implants in the area where you are being treated. The treatment feels similar to a strong sun burn but leaves no scars or bruising and is tolerable. These treatments do not impair your vision or ability to move. The second treatment if you decide to have one, can be done four (4) to eight (8) weeks after the first treatment. These treatments are used to reduce internal fat and general size, not to mold or cut off any excess outer skin and do work on everyone to melt internal fat with varying results for each patient.



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The Colombian Glúteos MaX is a medical procedure utilized to produce an immediate and visible lift to your buttocks/glutes plus it adds an extra small amount of size/plumpness in the following weeks after treatment by utilizing the FDA approved POV thread lift technology. This treatment‘s results usually lasts for most patients from 1 to 2 years.



During the treatment, our doctor applies anesthetic to the glutes area to reduce sensitivity and places 3 to 4 strategically placed injections to introduce the POV threads which are then carefully extracted from an opposite point of injection to create the lift, allowing for the visible change to your buttocks and an overall smoother skin appearance. The suture like material of the threads also stimulate collagen as the body produces scar material around the threads when they are pulled through the inside of the buttocks, producing an extra small amount of plumpness and size. There will be small injection marks for some days following the treatment and a slight soreness to the area the first couple of days. Differences in size growth vary from patient to patient. 



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Optional Body Contouring Services


THERMISmooth Skin Tightening Technology

As an additional treatment option to help achieve satisfaction, we also offer THERMISmooth technology that can be used as a complementing service to your LipoBLAST NY Treatment.

THERMISmooth uses safe radio frequency to tighten skin and rebuild collagen.

It is a non invasive treatment device that massages gel into the area where LipoBLAST NY was administered to help stimulate collagen production, tighten sagging loose skin and deal with fine lines. The treatment lasts about 25 minutes and has no down time. Cost per treatment is $450. You can request the service after your LipoBLAST NY treatment or to utilize on any other area of the body.

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